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Shreya Sathyanarayanan


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Throughout the years, I have realized the importance of cherishing every moment of life and how each small gesture we make towards one another can bring about far-reaching change. As our world continues to face adversities, I feel the urge to constantly seek opportunities for global engagement to make a tangible difference in our communities and the world in innovative ways. My experience volunteering with Seattle Children's and learning about their strong dedication towards ensuring the best care for each patient walking through their doors energized me. This is what inspired me to work with Seattle Children's and start EMERGE, a nonprofit organization, which helps address the emerging health needs of children and breakthrough COVID-19 research. I strongly believe that empathetic efforts are integral for our community to unite and thrive. During such unprecedented times, I continue to reflect on the strength of giving back to the best of my abilities and am grateful for being able to bring positive differences in the lives of others.

anika yechuri

Vice President/Marketing Chair

Ever since I was young I always looked for ways to help those around me. Whether it was begging my mom to give a dollar to the homeless man on the street or rushing to help the child who had fallen off her bike and scraped her knee. As I grew up the burning passion to make a change in this world only intensified. So when my friends got together to support Seattle Children’s through EMERGE, I was beyond ecstatic. I firmly believe in the think globally, work locally approach. As the world ventures into a new and uncertain era where human interaction is feared, retaining our empathy becomes vital in order to keep us together. Growing up with a very privileged lifestyle, I believe it is my moral duty to serve my community and hope I can change at least a few lives for the better. 

Liyana shah


I think this uncertain time has made us all realize what is most important to us. For me, I’ve realized how important it is to help people who are the most vulnerable, such as the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions who are susceptible to COVID-19. This is why I’m so excited to work with Seattle Children’s Hospital and EMERGE to fund developing needs and research. 

pournami varma 


Devi bharani

Fundraiser/Events Manager


My hope is to help provide funds for COVID-19 Relief and Emerging Needs of individuals by working with Seattle Children’s Hospital through EMERGE. It’s been difficult these past couple months to witness and hear about the devastating effects that COVID-19 has had on our community and not have a way in which I can contribute to relief efforts. I am grateful that I now have an outlet through which I can help make a meaningful impact on our community and provide aid to those who need it most.

Sravani Panuganti 

Fundraiser/Events Manager

“With great power, comes great responsibility”, said Uncle Ben. And while that does apply to heroes, it applies just as much to regular people who are granted opportunities that others aren’t. I grew up in an affluent area, given all the amenities to live a happy childhood and gain the tools necessary for a good future. But there are so many people who aren’t as fortunate as I am and this difference has only been heightened by COVID-19 and its significantly worse effects on their communities. I believe that it is an obligation for those of us who are safe and secure to help those who are struggling during these difficult times. Our goal is one extremely important way to help as it funds research to create a vaccine for COVID-19 which would end this pandemic as early as possible and allow us to rebuild society and our daily lives.

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