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"Giving is not just about making a donation.
It is about making a difference." - Kathy Calvin

EMERGE is currently hosting virtual events to raise funds for COVID-19 Research and the emerging health needs of children. Our recent and future event details will be posted here.

August 12th-September 12th, 2020 -Strokes of Hope Virtual Art Fundraiser  

Expression through art gives hope during unprecedented times. The EMERGE Junior Guild presents “Strokes of Hope”, their first virtual art fundraiser for Seattle Children’s COVID-19 Research Fund, live from August 12-28th! Purchase donated artworks from promising artistic talents, both local and global, on our Etsy page! Our Etsy store showcases many relevant pieces and special features, such as serene sceneries and COVID-19, considering the current pandemic the world is experiencing. By supporting the EMERGE Junior Guild, you’re helping Seattle Children’s unlock the mystery of COVID-19 in children, identify therapies and prepare for the future. 

Etsy store strokes of hope.PNG
Fundraising Goals

EMERGE aims to raise $5000 over the course of three years to help fund COVID-19 Research and the emerging health needs of children. All proceeds will directly go to Seattle Children's Hospitals's COVID-19 Research Fund. Our fundraising progress will be posted here.

August 12th-September 12th, 2020 -Strokes for Hope Virtual Art Fundraiser 

Goal: $

Amount Raised: $

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