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COVID-19 Research Fund

With the largest pediatric infectious disease research

program in the U.S., Seattle Children’s is thoroughly equipped to make swift progress in defining and detecting the virus so treatments and therapies can be developed.

Our researchers are working to improve diagnostics and surveillance so we can better understand how the virus is transmitted in children.

Our efforts will support Seattle Children’s in advancing promising COVID-19 research – so findings can best serve their patients, families, our community and the world.


Today, Seattle Children’s internationally recognized researchers are working collaboratively across scientific disciplines to examine COVID-19 from all angles so they can understand why it affects children differently than other populations.

Seattle Children’s also aims to shorten the timeline between test and diagnosis so those impacted can quickly isolate and be treated.


By supporting the EMERGE Junior Guild, you’re helping Seattle Children’s unlock the mystery of COVID-19 in children, identify therapies and prepare for the future.

Research Approach

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